the Prelude


The 24 hour comics podcast is a social experiment to see how well a bunch of guys who love comics can co-exist in the same surroundings for a one entire day and night. Think “The Real World” without as much sexual harrassment. The show was born from the troubled, beer-fueled brain of Chris Crank (of the Crankcast) and will feature an all-star cast from the comics podcasting community (Around Comics, Word Balloon, Comic Book Queers, etc.).


Starting 10am CST on Saturday, October 6th and running through 10am CST the next day (that’s the show running time, the posts will be the hour following), you’ll be able to download hourly updates from the show as well as periodically listen live via stickcam where you may be able to join in the discussion!


So tune in the first weekend of October and witness this epic milestone of entertainment that is sure to impress at least two or three people.




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