the Prelude


The 24 hour comics podcast is a social experiment to see how well a bunch of guys who love comics can co-exist in the same surroundings for a one entire day and night. Think “The Real World” without as much sexual harrassment. The show was born from the troubled, beer-fueled brain of Chris Crank (of the Crankcast) and will feature an all-star cast from the comics podcasting community (Around Comics, Word Balloon, Comic Book Queers, etc.).


Starting 10am CST on Saturday, October 6th and running through 10am CST the next day (that’s the show running time, the posts will be the hour following), you’ll be able to download hourly updates from the show as well as periodically listen live via stickcam where you may be able to join in the discussion!


So tune in the first weekend of October and witness this epic milestone of entertainment that is sure to impress at least two or three people.




19 Responses to “”

  1. crank! says:

    Ok, so you really don’t have to listen to that one, it’s just there as an introduction.


  2. Dougzt says:

    well that works won’t be able to listen while it happening but look forward to filling most of next week at work with this wackyness.

    Good Luck Guy, your going to need it.

  3. =shane white= says:

    Good luck on the 24 hour thing guys…I’ll probably be listening because I’ll be working the whole weekend through!!!


  4. crank! says:

    Hey thanks for the kind words gents.

    I’m sure we’ll all come out of this with our sanity relatively intact.


  5. Dom of the Dead says:

    So, are you still going fancy with a tux?

    Good luck. I’m looking forward to getting less work done while listening the madness.

  6. crank! says:

    Dunno about the tux. I looked at the local thrift shops but they’re pretty mined out by the secondhand/vintage stores.

    Might have to settle for just dressing up.


  7. mellon says:

    hey, are you guys going to have this go through your itunes site? cuz if so.. that’d be bad ass that way i (and others) can just have the shit download all day and not have to worry about manually doing it.


    cuz i’m lazy and i want crank to do more work.


  8. crank! says:

    You betcha!

    The iTunes link is here and it should also be on the main page soonish.


  9. Will J says:

    I know this is nitpicky but you may want to let people know that its Central Time (CST) as us Eastcoasters would arrive an hour early.

  10. crank! says:

    Fair point, I also added that the shows themselves will be posted the hour following.


  11. aareon wrath says:

    good luck and god speed, sadly I will miss the first chunk cause i will be on the road to catch a concert, yet i am hoping ya’ll amuse me on my way home,

    if you dont go stark ravin loco by hour 2 that is

  12. youguysarenuts says:

    As “my” name suggests, you guys have got to be nuts to be going through with this, but anyways… good luck (it’s been said, I know) and I hope everything goes fine (especially with the feed). Thanks for all of your work!

    -youguysarenuts from Semi-Sunny gradually going into Fall California

    -and just so I don’t seem too anonymous

    -A.S. from Cali, Peace

  13. T.K.421 says:

    Hey Guys, can’t wait for the show to start!! Crank are you going to have the stick cam going on during the cast?

  14. crank! says:

    We are going to try to have the stickam feed running as much as we can, but it’s most likely going to be after store hours.


  15. DrBombay says:

    Good luck today, guys! I’m off to FallCon here in the TC, so I’ll be with you in spirit!

  16. Chris Marshall says:

    Good luck guys!
    I’ll call you later tonight.

  17. phh says:

    Has the experiment begun?
    When Stickam?
    good luck!!!
    You are gonna need it…

  18. laseraw says:

    i heard the whole thing
    it was great!
    you guys did it!
    congratulations to all of you!

    funny how bad hour 21 or so is (when taber breaks down) and then hour 22 and 23 are some of the more lucid interesting comic discussions… funny how you kind of recovered there.

    the interviews where great!

    the whole thing was fun (although i did not see blood rayne2, i skipped)

    congrats again!

  19. Dan says:

    Just finished it (I’m slow – fuck you) and Taber losing his mind was the funniest podcast I’ve ever heard. Great job and thanks for the effort.