Hour 16 – Making budget films and Jeremy Haun

Hour 16

Mike’s getting verrrrrrry sleepy.

3 Responses to “Hour 16 – Making budget films and Jeremy Haun”

  1. SOSeroctas says:

    Hey, not sure if anybody is gonna read this, but does anyone know the name of the band Crank played at the end? And the song title for the matter?

  2. crank! says:

    Hey there,

    That was a ‘Pretend Song’ by a Chicago band called ‘eyesearsnose’.

    They were also on hour 06.

    You can find em here:


    p.s.: I’ll post a page, shortly, of the music and bands used, since we didn’t mention it during the show (my fault, we were kinda playing it by ear and this slipped)

  3. SOSeroctas says:

    Alright, cool.

    Thanks so much, I figured they were a Chicago band but I had no idea on how to find them. Anyways, thanks so much for organizing this event and in my opinion the whole shebang was really fun to listen to. Congratulations on finishing it!

    Oh, and you can tell Mr. Mike Norton that I started purchasing All-New Atom for him… well not really, mostly because of the Countdown tie-in even though Atom left.

    Thanks again.