Hour 4 is nonexistent

Hour 04

Well, we recorded it, but there’s no sound. The good news is, we’ve worked out some kinks for hour 5! Yay!

4 Responses to “Hour 4 is nonexistent”

  1. Neeson says:

    I love it! This can only happen on the Crankcast!

  2. Alex says:

    Is there any chance of Hour 4 being rescued from whatever digital limbo it was lost in? How about some no static-y 1-3s? Just hopin’.

  3. crank! says:

    I’m still trying to track down the file for 4, I’m not entirely sure it hasn’t just completely disappeared.

    Unfortunately the static on 1-3 were due to some driver problems on the computer being used and the static was recorded into the master file, so no love there.


  4. Alex says:

    Ah well, bless you for trying anyway. It’s still an awesome piece of podcasting you and your pals put together. Thanks so much for doing it!