Music from the show (and the bands what did it)

Hour 01 and Hour 08: In the Running and Lorelle by Divebar

Hour 02 and Hour 23: You Try Too Hard and This World Has No Place for Me by the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir

Hour 03 and Hour 22: Kitty Massage and Acid Washed by Acid Washed

Hour 04 and Hour 11: Smile Hello and Prozac by the Fuglees (link leads to a non completed page, but it was the best I could find)

Hour 05 and Hour 10: Crimson Rider and Tim’s Theme (demos) by Sono Morti

Hour 06 and Hour 16: S.O.S and Pretend Song by eyesearsnose

Hour 07: Invocation by New Math

Hour 09 and Hour 20: Risking Life & Limb for the Coupon and My Kingdom for a Trundle Bed by Bound Stems

Hour 12 and Hour 18: Borax Factory and Don’t Get Loud With Me, Bitch by Neighborhood Texture Jam

Hour 13: a cover of the Misfits’ Night of the Living Dead by crank!

Hour 14 and Hour 19: A Grain Of Sand, A Breath Of Life and a demo song from 2001 by Estuary

Hour 15: Come and Go by Careful!

Hour 17 and Hour 24: Nobody No More and the Place Where No One Cares by the Vladimirs

Hour 21: Los Paranoijos by First to the Fence

That about covers it,

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